Advanced internet protocol

1.Course Description

This course will focus on studying Internet Protocols such as IPv6, MobileIPv6,and others. Especially, we consider IETF RFCs and Forum documents as references. In the course of this semester, we will have international team lecture. Additional topics include sensor networks, IP-USN and routing protocols.

2.Required Texts

Lecture Notes

3. Course Evaluation 
- Mid-term Exam : 30%
- Final-term Exam : 30%
- Presentation : 10%
- Project : 20%
- Presence : 10%
The above scheme could be changed during the course.
4. Schedule
1st Week    Introduction to Lecture
2nd Week    Wireless MAC
  Protocol Introduction to Wireless LAN, MAC Protocols and Interference
3rd Week    Ad Hoc Routing 1
  Routing in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
4th Week    Ad Hoc Routing II
  Routing in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
  Introduction to Wireless Mesh Netwoks
5th Week    Introduction to Sensor Networks
  Security Issues in Wireless Newtorks
  Introduction to USN Security and its Application
  Introduction to Sensor Network
6th Week    MAC Protocols in Sensor Networks
  Mac Protocols-0
7th Week    Routing Protocols in Sensor Networks
  Routing Protocols-0
8th Week    Introduction to IP-USN
9th Week    Mid Term Exam
10th Week    IPv6 based Low Power PAN
  6LoWPAN(CS Hong)
11th Week    Mobile IPv6
  Mobile IP (2007_11_24)
12th Week    Basic Study for Routing
13th Week    Routing Protocols of IGP
14th Week    Routing Protocols of EGP
15th Week    Presentation of Term Projects
16th Week    Final Tenm Exam