Network Security

William Stalling
"Network Security Essentials 3rdedition"
Prentice Hall, 2007

(한글판, "네트워크 보안 에센셜 3판", 교보문고)

Network Security

1.강의 개설의의 및 목적

This course deals with the basic concept of network security, cryptographic algorithm, mechanisms of Internet security and wireless security. Also, this class includes the experiments on network attacks and its traffic measurements


<Main textbook>
William Stalling, "Network Security Essentials 3rd edition" Prentice Hall, 2007, ISBN 0-13-1201271-5
(한글판, 네트워크 보안 에센셜 3e, 교보문고)

<Auxiliary textbook>
Behrouz A. Forouzan, Cryptography and Network Security (1st Edition) , McGraw-Hill, 2008, ISBN : 978-0073327532

3.주별 강의 내용 및 강의 자료

1st week

Introduction to Network Security Chapter 1

2nd week

Symmetric Encryption and Message Confidentiality
Chapter 2-1 Chapter 2-2

3rd week

Public-Key Cryptography and Message Authentication
Chapter 3-1 Chapter 3-2 Chapter 3-3

4th week

Authentication (AAA, Kerberos, PKI) Chapter 4

5th week

Electronic Mail Security - S/MIME, Spam mail Chapter 5

6th week

IP Security Chapter 6

7th week

Mid Term Exam

Term Project Term Project(제출방법 추가)

8th week

Web Security Chapter 7

9th week

Network Management Security Chapter 8

10th week

Intruders Chapter 9

2009년 1학기 네트워크 보안 설계지침서 네트워크 보안 설계지침서

11th week

Malicious Software Chapter 10

12th week

Introduction to Packet Capturing(1) - Wired Packet Capture
유선 환경에서의 패킷 캡쳐

Tool 설치자료 Tool 설치파일 Sniffing(new) Spoofing LectureData

13th week

Introduction to Packet Capturing(2) - Wireless Packet Capture
무선 환경에서의 패킷 캡쳐

14th week

Firewalls Chapter 11

15th week

Team Project Presentations

16th week

Final Exam   과거기말고사 문제

4.Term Project

Simple programming of cryptographic mechanism
Application systems of network security

5.시험 및 평가내용, 평가방법

- Presence : 10%
- Project : 30%
- Mid-term Exam : 30%
- Final-term Exam : 30%


Prerequisite : Computer Networks