Future Internet

1. Course Description

The Internet has been initially used for information exchange and browsing. Currently, the Internet is being used for much more things (e.g., entertainment, politics, banking, shopping and trading) and one cannot live without it these days. However, the Internet has many problems with important issues such as quality of service and security. Recently, researchers have been working on redesigning the Internet, which is now being referred to as the Future Internet. There are mainly two approaches: evolutionary and revolutionary (or clean slate). In this course, we review the current Internet and investigate its problems. We will also examine the two approaches for designing the Future Internet. And we will focus on the manageability aspect of the Future Internet. We will then discuss and come up with possible areas or methods for overcoming the existing problems for the Future Internet. So, this class will be discussed principles and technologies arising from the need to spread the research areas of Future Internet.

2. Required Texts 

Lecture Notes

3. Course Evaluation 
- Mid-term Exam : 30%
- Final-term Exam : 30%
- Presentation : 10%
- Project : 20%
- Presence : 10%
The above scheme could be changed during the course.
4. Schedule
1st Week   Introduction to FI Lecture / What is Future Internet? (CS)
  Introduction to Future Internet
  What is Future Internet?
2nd Week   Future Internet Architectures (Jun)
  Future Internet Architecture
3rd Week   Future Internet Access Network(DJ)
  Future Internet Access Network
4th Week   Future Internet Service/Application (DJ)
  Future Services/Applications
5th Week   Future Internet Testbeds (CS)
  Future Internet Testbeds
6th Week   Routing in Future Internet (DJ)
   Routing in Future Internet
7th Week   Mid-term exam
  Mid Term Exam Candidates
8th Week   Naming and Addressing in Future Internet (Jun)
  Name and Addressing in Future Internet
9th Week   Mobility Support in Future Internet (CS)
  Mobility Support in Future Internet
10th Week   Security in Future Internet (Jun)
  Security in Future Internet
11th Week   Manageability in Future Internet (CS)
  Manageability in Future Internet
12th Week   Special Issues for Future Internet:
  Recursive Network Architecture 
  Content Centric Networking 
13th Week   Special Issues 2 for Future Internet (DJ)
  Future Internet Directions
14th Week   Special Issues 3 for Future Internet
  Autonomic Network Architecture  
  What Qos for the Future Internet  
15th Week   Special Issues 4 for Future Internet (Invited Speaker)
16th Week   Final-term Exam