Advanced Computer Technology 2

1.Course Description

This course will focus on studying Internet Protocols such as IPv6, MobileIPv6,and others. Especially, we consider IETF RFCs and Forum documents as references. In the course of this semester, we will have international team lecture. Additional topics include sensor networks, IP-USN and routing protocols.

2.Required Texts

Lecture Notes

3. Lecturing 
- Discussion
- Seminar
- Handout
- Individual Presentation
4. Course Evaluation 
- Final-term Exam : 20%
- Presentation in Seminar : 60%
- Attendance : 20%
The above scheme could be changed during the course.
5. Schedule 

1st week

Patent Analysis and Patent Application Procedures
Lecture Notes

2nd week

Vision of Green Growth Industries and development strategy
Lecture Notes

3rd week

Business Models in Future Internet
Lecture Notes

4th week

How to make a computer brain feasible
Lecture Notes

5th week

Network Virtualization Technology for Cloud Computing
Lecture Notes

6th week

Data Predicted Wakeup Based Duty Cycle MAC for Wireless Sensor Networks
Lecture Notes

7th week

Cloud Computing
Lecture Notes

8th week

A Multi-Rate Routing Protocol with Connection Entropy for MANETs
Lecture Notes

9th week

차세대 무선기술 및 LG U+ 4G 진화전략
Lecture Notes

10th week

Future Internet and Data Service
Lecture Notes

11th week

A Reliable Skin Detection Using Dempster-Shafer Theory of Evidence
Lecture Notes

12th week

Human Interface Guidelines
Lecture Notes

13th week

Final Exam