Advanced AI Networking

1. Course Description

In this course, students can learn on the key technology of Internet Protocols such as TCP/IP. In addition, it introduces the machine learning algorithm based networking architecture. Also, network-related applications using machine learning will be learned. Through term project, the students can obtain the designing and implementing capabilities of AI based Internet applications, IoT systems and mobile networking.

2. Required Texts 

Lecture Notes

3. Course Evaluation 
- Mid-term Exam : 50%
- Presentation & Project : 40%
- Presence : 10%
The above scheme could be changed during the course.
4. Schedule
1st Week Introduction to AI Networking
Introduction to AI Networking.pdf
2nd Week Basics of Networking (IP & TCP, etc.)
Networking and Future Internet.pdf
3rd Week

Mobile Networking (LTE & 5G)
Mobile Networking (LTE & 5G).pdf

4th Week Machine Learning based Edge Computing
5th Week Federated Learning and Democratized Learning
6th Week AI based Network Resource Management
7th Week Climate Change and it Response Using AI
8th Week UAV-Assisted Wireless Networks
9th Week Mid-term Exam
10th Week AI based D2D Communication Networks
11th Week AI based Energy Management
12th Week

Vehicular Edge Networking

13th Week Meta-Learning based Networking Architecture
14th Week 6G & AI
15th Week Term Project Presentations