Advanced Internet Protocols

1.Simple Description

This course will focus on studying Internet Protocols such as IPv6, MobileIPv6,and others. Especially, we consider IETF RFCs and Forum documents as references.


 A basic background in computer networks and computer related courses in undergraduate course or graduate course are required. If a student has not taken a related course but wishes to take the course, the student still may be admitted under the discretion of the instructor.

3.Required Texts

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4.Topic to be covered in the class

The following is a tentative weekly lecture schedule for the course. But these can be changed.

 Introduction to Advanced Internet Protocols

 IPv6, IPv4/IPv6 and IPv6 in Internet2

 Mobile IPv4 and Mobile IPv6

 Network Mobility


 Active Network

 Internet Security

 Wireless Transport Protocols

 Other topics

5. Recommended References
IETF document and IETF Internet Drafts

Other related documents for new internet issues

6. Course Evaluation 
- Examinations: 80%
- Class Participation: 20%

The above scheme could be changed during the course.



Lecture Notes

Chapter 1

 IPv6, IPv4/IPv6 and IPv6 in Internet2

Chapter 2

 Mobile IPv4

Chapter 3

 Mobile IPv6

Chapter 4

 Network Mobility

Chapter 5

 IP Security

Mid-term Exam

 Candidates for Mid-term Exam

Chapter 6

   Introduction to SIP

Chapter 7

 Broandband Networks, Wireless LAN

Chapter 8

 Wireless TCP

Final Examination

 Candidate Problems for Final-term Exam