Context Aware IoT Network
▶ Introduction

Millions of IoT devices are interconnected and produces petabyte scale of data within a short timeframe. Therefore, in the IoT era data are everywhere and huge in respect to volume and dimension as well. According to the information science theory, only the meaningful data are valuable. The context-aware computing can assign values to the large scale IoT date to make the data precious.

The Semantic IoT network is an extension of the current Web/Internet in which information is given well-defined meaning, better enabling objects, devices and people to work in co-operation and to also enable autonomous interactions between devices and/or objects.

Figure 1. Semantic Analysis in IoT Networks


Figure 1 is process of semantic analysis in IoT networks. Ontology Translator collecting the IoT data from networks. Then translate to semantic data with ontology rules. The Semantic Fault-tolerant Manager annotates IoT data using semantic data, IoT logical relation information and context-aware analysis information. Then, Semantic Fault-tolerant Manager decides fault situation and fault isolation with Fault-tolerant Policy.


▶ Research Issues


Research Issues:

  1. Context-aware IoT data acquisition, discovery, annotation and management

  2. Context modeling of IoT data, context sharing, data storage and knowledge management

  3. Context reasoning of IoT data through machine learning, data fusion and pattern analysis

  4. Context-aware IoT data distribution, security, accessibility and transformation

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▶ Achievements

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