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Trustworthy data acts as the fuel for ensuring transparent traceability and precise decision-making in many applications, such as, supply chain, Internet of Things (IoT), Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), health-care, etc. However, disparate data repositories and untrustworthy data dissemination acts a barrier for efficient data management and secure data. The inception of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) solves such challenges by facilitating distributed, immutable, transparent, and fault-tolerant data aggregation across multiple entities (both physical and digital) [1]. In this regard, a blockchain-based architecture is used as a potential solution to fulfill the requirements in a plethora of use-cases. For example, Fig. 1 shows a trade event during transportation and logistics of goods. However, current blockchain solutions lack many striking features such as scalability, offline data accessibility, fee-less transactions, and quantum-immunity that are among the desirable features in many applications. To adequately address these limitations, IOTA [2] brings a transformation in the third generation of DLT. Following a scalable and quantum-immune approach, it securely accelerates tracking and tracing of events even in the offline mode, and consequently enhance provenance data construction to identify erroneous data, operational disruptions, counterfeit products, etc.

Research Challenges

  • Data management (disparate data silos, data availability, traceability, etc.) and data security (confidentiality, integrity, access control, etc.) in a plethora of use cases (for instance, supply chains, IIoT, etc.)
  • Blockchain for digital twins (DTs)
  • Choosing among chain-structured blockchains or DAG-structured blockchains
  • Scalability and quantum-resistance features in blockchains
  • Trade-off between resource-constrained and performance-constrained environments: Deploying blockchain in IoT
  • Identifying counterfeit products in the supply chain space
  • Skepticism in blockchain technology


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