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1. Sabah Suhail, Raja Jurdak, Raimundas Matulevičius, Rasheed Hussain, Alma Oracevic, Khaled Salah, and Choong Seon Hong,"Blockchain-based Digital Twins: Research Trends, Issues, and Future Challenges," ACM Surveys (in press)

2. Nway Nway Ei, Madyan Alsenwi, Yan, Zhu Han, Zhu; Hong, Choong Seon Hong, Energy-Efficient Resource Allocation in Multi-UAV-Assisted Two-Stage Edge Computing for Beyond 5G Networks," IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems (in press)

3. Md. Shirajum Munir, Member, IEEE, Ki Tae Kim, Student Member, IEEE, Kyi Thar, Member, Dusit Niyato,and Choong Seon Hong, "Risk Adversarial Learning System for Connected and Autonomous Vehicle Charging," IEEE Internet of Things Journal (in press) 




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